Luxury Watches for the Modern Day Man



The name alone speaks for itself.  People associate Rolex with some of the most elegant and costly timepieces over the years.  This one is no different; you can wear this with any outfit and standout.  Price range $15k and up.



These classic timepieces are some of the most luxurious watches on the market.  The prices range in the $20k and up, but if you can afford to buy one it will be worth the price tag.


Roger Dubuis

This timepiece is one of a kind and the price tag proves it.  Each watch features over several hundred components and hand finished.  If you are a true watch collector you will appreciate the value of this watch.  Price range $50k and up. 



Diesel hit a homerun with the design and size of  this timepiece.  Every time this watch is worn it draws plenty of attention, and is a conversation starter.  Price range around $300.