William Benson The Man Behind The Brand

We had the opportunity to get an exclusive one on one with Mr. Benson to discuss his  Billionaires Row Brand and find out the concept behind the brand.  “Billionaires Row is  a global luxury brand, which design, develop, and market, luxury goods for the modern  trend setting and affluent consumer, by infusing new cutting edge concepts and iconic  fundamentals into every product experience.”

What inspired you to  start your company?  

William Benson:  What inspired be to start Billionaires Row, was the lack of dreamers, creativity, and passion that was around me.  People were working two or three jobs and you could see it in their faces it was like they had already given up on life; they didn’t have a goal or dream. Most were just happy going to work just to survive pay bills and had no room for creativity which means there is no more to dream. They were hard working people, so I wanted to build something to inspire and empower them. 

Why do you feel your company is so successful; do you feel it’s your work ethic or passion to succeed?  

WB: It’s a little of both. My work ethic is crazy sometimes I ask myself what are you doing up at three to four in the morning, but I realize when building a brand there is no sleep. If Donald Trump or Bill Gates get that call at 4 a.m. and something is wrong they are up like myself. It doesn’t matter how much money you have that passion and drive is always going to let you create and re-create.  

What made you decide to get into the Alcohol business?  

WB: If you follow Money magazine or Forbes the Alcohol business is now a 1 Trillion dollar industry, so money is always a good motivation when you are trying to create and provide for your family and others. Just being in that lifestyle and being around people in that lifestyle. I went to Europe and saw some of the things going on and the different mindset. For me it was mostly the mindset; I was like it’s never been done before and I want to be the 1st to do it and break the barrier.  That’s what happened it took years to do it but I did it.  

So do you consider the Billionaires Row  Champagne has being a trendsetter and I believe you were mentioned in Forbes for your  accomplishment?  

WB:  Well the New York Times has always showed

me love; I have to shout out to Robert Caplan.  He was the first celebrity photographer to shoot me and put me on the cover of the Metropolitan Art section of the Times twice. Everyone has their own ideology/story about my life, some people are going to write what they think, but for me being in this business you can become very successful if you do things the right way.


How would you describe the taste of the  champagne?  

WB: Let me give you a quick insight before the composition the full name is Champagne Cuvee Billionaires Row Brut Rose Grand Cru, Epernay France.  Most people who are champagne drinkers know that’s Champagne France not to get it confused with Vesco or sparkling wines. It’s a very small group in France who control the vineyards and the government owns that word, so if your product is not produced there it cannot be called champagne or put champagne on your label. The Champagne Charles Mignon “Cuvée Billionaires Row” Brut Rosé Grand Cru is composed of 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay for which we add 15% of Bouzy Rouge, a famous Pinot Noir in Bouzy village in the middle of Champagne. To obtain this fabulous Champagne, we select the Noblest grapes and aged in cellar from four to five years.  

How did the collaboration with the Charles Mignon family come about?  

WB: The Charles Mignon family is an amazing family; Charles Mignon is no longer with us but the vineyard is still up and running.   My importer was very instrumental in us actually picking out products and developing & cultivating that product to our specific standards. Once we felt we got it to the point where the world would embrace it we went forward. 

What flavors are available at this time? 

WB:  It’s a family of products; the first product we are releasing is the Brut Rose, which is everyone’s favorite thus far. Then we are going to follow that up with two other flavors.  Right now we are going to focus on

the Brut Rose get everybody excited about the brand and then move into the other products and hopefully everyone will be excited about those as well. 

Do you see yourself going towards the Vodka market anytime soon? 

WB: Not right now the most important thing is to preserve the prestige of the champagne and the brand.  Our champagne retail around the price point of $115! If you know your champagne it falls in the line with brands like Cristal and other high end champagnes.  Not to say we won’t do that in the near future, but right now I’m focusing on building this brand, and making it an experience for people to enjoy around the world. 

Will the champagne be available at retail  

locations or mainly at high end venues? 

WB: It will be available at retail; the first retailer on South Beach to carry the product is Gulf Liquors on Alton Road.  Gulf Liquors is a huge supporter of the champagne brand as well as Pearl Champagne Lounge South Beach.  There will be many liquor stores that will carry the product within the destination.  When you think of Billionaires Row you think of New York, Miami (South Beach), Beverly Hills, Hamptons, and Las Vegas.  The product is available online right now as well; we don’t want to limit the consumers who want to enjoy the lifestyle and luxuries of a great champagne. You can get the champagne at and have it delivered to your door step overnight if you like.  It doesn’t matter if you live in Kansas City or Alabama; you can order the product and enjoy the experience excellence. 

Before we wrap up is there anything else you wanted to mention about the champagne or  

Billionaires Row? 

WB: Billionaires Row is something different it gives people a different perspective about celebrating and aspiring to be great and wanting to associate themselves with something that stands for success.  If you fall in those guidelines then this product is for you.