Tips for Fine Dining Etiquette

There are plenty of fine dining restaurants all across the globe; the key is to find a few that scintillate your taste buds.  Here are some key things you will need to ensure you get the best possible experience.  If you’re going to a well known location; try to make your reservations at least a few days in advance to ensure you’re able to be seated at a reasonable time.  Make sure you check the dress code prior to making the reservations.  If you’re going to a five star restaurant you should be well dressed regardless. 

Never lift your menu off the table at least one part of the menu should always be touching the table.  You may tilt your menu upwards,  so you can read more clearly; but always have some portion touching.

Resist placing your purse, keys or  cell phones on the table.  This is probably more common today with the use of cell phones, but try to limit usage while attending dinner.

Place your napkin neatly on your lap; never tuck it inside of your clothing.  Keep your mouth closed while chewing your food and never make loud chewing noises like an animal.  This is very unattractive and a huge turn off.  You should sit up straight, but comfortably.  Don’t sit with your arms crossed or slouch over the table. 

Don’t ever say you’re going to the restroom; politely excuse yourself from the table.  Never use your hands to help pick up your food; use your silverware.  When you’re finished eating try to leave one bite of food on your plate, so it doesn’t look like you were starving or still hungry.  Last, but not least; never use a toothpick at the table to clean out your teeth.  These are just a few  fine dining etiquette tips to help for future occasions.