Cool Creative Inc. Presents The Selfie

The selfie is a smartphone-produced version of the self-portrait, which has been a staple of art and photography history since artists first began seeing examine their own images.  The evolution of self portraits through selfies has made it possible for the masses to do what was only reserved for the elite group of artists and photographers that had the skills to curate them.

So what is the "selfie" all about? Some people take selfies to receive validation. Some take them to share their lives with the world.  Some do it because they lack self-esteem and others do it to encourage people.  Some do it just for fun.  Whatever the reason, the selfie is here.  It is more than just a fad, it will forever be the self-portrait of our time.

In this exhibition we explore the blurred lines of the virtual and real world through the idea of taking selfies.  We invite you to explore the duality of the selfie experience.

To fully interact with this presentation, you were able to scan the codes associated with each image and join conversations with the people here. It was a great atmosphere and experience at the selfie.


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