Enrico Miguel Thomas New York based Artist

At what age did you decide that you wanted to become an artist?   

EMT: I was about 8 years old I loved to draw; I use to draw at the dinner table.  I use to get comic books and try to draw the superheroes. 

Was Art something that was in your family or did you just pick it up from the comic books?   

EMT: My mom was an artist and when I had art projects she would help me out just a little; but it was definitely a gift something I was born with. 

What is your inspiration now for the Art that you’re doing?   

EMT: It’s weird because I don’t know how I got to where I am, but I’m drawing Architecture now more than ever.  I just love the way architecture looks with the buildings and the space around the buildings. If you look at my work it has plenty of energy, it’s almost like it’s coming alive. 

Do you use a particular building when doing your paintings or is it something that you visualize in your mind?   

EMT: It’s important for me to find building that I like and draw it over and over again until I get the image I like.  I love the realistic look of art, but I also like to make my drawing look like an illustration.  I’ve been working for years to make my art look like a drawing and painting at the same time.  I want to do something different.       

Do you feel your style separates you from other artist? 

EMT:  I want to do something different that’s what

makes artist unique to me when they can do something different. 

Your located in Brooklyn, NY; Do you see yourself doing an image of the Brooklyn Bridge?   

EMT:  I probably will attempt that at some point, but I’ve done plenty of subway drawings.  There are so many unbelievable spaces down there, and for me it’s all about space and the challenge of drawing the perspective.

We know you have been drawing since a young age, but when did you actually know this was what you wanted to persue full time?   

EMT: In high school I had a really good art teacher.  My teenage years were very chaotic and difficult but this one art teacher pulled me aside and said “look you are very talented and I think you can go to art school one day”. Even though it didn’t really register at that time; I still held on to what she told me. Sometimes people tell you things and you may not use it right then and there. 

If you were not doing art; what would you see yourself doing?   

EMT: I’m very intrigued with film; whether it’s infront of the camera as an actor or anything in  television.   

Do you think film is something you would pursue in your spare time or if you stopped drawing? 

EMT:  I would love to be infront of a camera possibly doing T.V. commericals and things like that. 

You mentioned you were in a commerical when we spoke can you elaborate?   

EMT:  It was for Sharpie markers they found my work online of all places and contacted me to do a T.V. commerical for them. I was able to do some voice overs, walk up and down the stairs, and draw on camera. It can be seen on 

Do you feel you caught the acting bug after doing the commercial?   

EMT: I took a beginners course in acting while still in college. I definetly felt the connection even when I’m watching some of my favorite films I see beautiful shots like the sunset, different cities, or inside a home; that’s artistic to me. 

Back to your Art; We know your work has gotten plenty of acclaim in New York. How is that  experience?   

EMT: I’ve garnered plenty of respect here in New York, I’ve been on numerous radio stations, newspapers,  and The New York Magazine to list a few.

Where can our readers go to view some of your artwork? 

EMT:  My website needs to be updated but it’s and if anyone wants to contact me my email is  

Thank you and it’s been a pleasure!